Thursday, March 19, 2015

Constitutional Carry Coming To Kansas?

Constitutional carry may have died in Mississippi, but in Kansas it may soon become a reality.

Last week, the Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee agreed to send to the House floor Senate Bill 45, which would allow residents to obtain a concealed carry permit without having to first undergo gun safety training or a background check.

The bill also allows previously denied applicants to carry concealed weapons.

The Senate voted 31-7 in support of the proposal last month. A full vote by the House, where Republicans currently enjoy a 92-33 majority, will be the last step before the proposal heads to Republican Governor Sam Brownback for approval.

“Law-abiding citizens who carry firearms are exercising their constitutional right to bear arms and their natural right to defend themselves,” Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady told the Topeka Capital Journal.

“You can’t be proficient with firearms just because the government mandates you sit in a classroom for a couple hours.”

Anti-gun legislators like Democrat John Wilson have already voiced their concerns. Wilson said that Senate Bill 45 would allow dangerous people to carry hidden and loaded weapons.

But as Rep. Brett Hildabrand put it, “Dangerous people already do carry guns.”

Gov. Sam Brownbrack has signed several pro-gun bills since taking office.

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