Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Federal government buzzing with police state activity

The march of federal tyranny continues unabated. Check out the evidence from this week alone.

-President Obama has confiscated every single Apache helicopter from the National Guard and given them to the military. This would severely weaken states’ abilities to defend themselves from the federal government.

-Add the Postal Service to the list of seemingly harmless federal agencies that are buying up huge quantities of anti-personnel ammo.

-Here in Mississippi, DHS stooge Thad Cochran just earmarked a $500 million “cutter” for the Coast Guard. I thought that battleships were meant for the Navy, not for paramilitary law enforcement.

-The “cattle battle” in Nevada is nothing less than federal overreach on law abiding Americans. Now it looks like Harry Reid might have been involved in the case. It turns out his former Deputy just got a powerful job at the Nevada Bureau of Land Management — consider me shocked!

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