Monday, April 7, 2014

UFO? Government drone?

You might have heard about this “UFO” they spotted down in Jackson County. A couple was looking at footage from their trail cam when they saw some lights hovering in the air and flying around. The trail was all lit up with a floodlight, but there weren’t any lights on the camera or anything. People are saying that it might be an alien spacecraft or some such nonsense.

I admit that lights are pretty strange, but I think you have to be logical about this kind of thing. It’s a lot more likely that it isn’t a UFO, but a government drone.

The government has drones flying all over the world these days, and there are a bunch of military bases down in those parts. Doesn’t it make sense that they were flying some of their equipment around out in the woods for training?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any video of this object, but if there is video I bet you could see the “UFO” hovering around just like drones do. Even the guy who took the video thinks it is a drone.

The news segment I saw just had still photos, but it still worth checking out. 

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