Thursday, June 5, 2014

For The NRA, Looks Are More Important Than Laws

Apparently the NRA cares more about protecting its image and sucking up to its sponsors than it does about standing up for God – given gun rights.

That’s why they’ve been smearing open carriers recently — calling them  “scary” and “downright weird” — while ignoring the successes that open carry demonstrators have had in supporting better gun laws in Texas.

The NRA cares more about how open carriers are portrayed in the liberal media than they do about whether or not their demonstrations are working.

The fact is that open carry demonstrations in Texas have been very successful in their effort to legalize the open carry of handguns. Thanks to these protests, both candidates for Governor in Texas pledged support for the legalization of handgun open carry.

Nowhere in the NRA’s statement — or in Chris Cox’s apology — does it say anything about that. Instead, the statement focuses all on how open carriers look and how they have “bad manners.”

The statement doesn’t even mention the handgun open carry law at all, completely ignoring the fact that the main goal of Texan open carriers is to draw attention to the handgun open carry issue in Texas.

Now Chris Cox is claiming that the NRA has been “working for years” on legalizing handgun open carry in Texas. This could not be further from the truth.

The main thing that the NRA has been “working for years” on is making itself look good.

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