Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Insider Groups Double Down On Thad Cochran

Now that polls are showing Chris McDaniel leading Thad Cochran, will Cochran’s establishment backers finally admit defeat?

Absolutely not.

While Cochran himself seems to have checked out of the race long ago — refusing to debate McDaniel and actually running away from interviewers — the moderate groups who support him have no intention of letting McDaniel win.

Instead, corrupt insiders are pouring even more money into Mississippi to convince casual voters and Democrats to turn out for Cochran on June 24.

Several organizations have already said that they will continue funding Cochran’s campaign.

Last week, the anti-Tea Party U.S. Chamber of Commerce vowed to continue supporting Cochran through the runoff.

Yesterday, Cochran’s supporters in the RINO-backing National Association of Realtors announced a plan to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of pro-Cochran TV ads.

Other establishment groups like the NRA — who support Cochran despite the fact that other major gun groups support McDaniel — will undoubtedly continue to campaign for Cochran over the next two weeks.

These groups will do anything in their power to keep Cochran in office and to oppose change.

Mississippians can’t let them get away with it.

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