Monday, November 3, 2014

“Gun Free Zone” Rule Backfires At NC State Fair

Three people leaving the North Carolina state fair were robbed at gunpoint last week, shortly after a judge ordered that guns should remain prohibited at the fair. One of the suspects is now in custody.

This is more proof that the only people who obey gun free zone restrictions are law-abiding gun owners.

“By announcing to violent predators that people attending the North Carolina state fair would be unable to protect themselves, the responsibility for this armed robbery of fair-goers lies squarely with Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, who illegally banned concealed at the fair, and … [Judge Donald] Stephens, who willfully misinterpreted the law to impose his own worldview,” said Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina.

Firearms were banned at fair this year after Judge Stephens ruled that allowing guns would be “unwise and imprudent.”

Following the ruling, Grassroots NC accused Stephens of having an anti-gun bias: ”The decision was best summed up when the judge said that if he could find a way to read these statutes to prevent guns at the Fairgrounds, he would do so,” Valone said. “I think that says it all”.

Although the North Carolina State Fair has prohibited guns in the past, many hoped that a new law expanding concealed carry rights in the state would force the fair to change its policy.

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