Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Knife Wielding Burglar Stopped By Two Different Gun Owners On The Same Day

Last month, a knife wielding Ohio man tried to break into two different homes over the course of four hours. Both times a gun owner stopped him. The man, Michael Roberts, is now in jail facing several charges.

On October 23rd, homeowner Brian Hiner heard a commotion in his basement and confronted Roberts as he was coming up the stairs. Hiner called 911 and used a gun to keep Roberts cornered while waiting for police to arrive.

Police arrived and arrested Roberts, but he escaped from the back of the cruiser and fled into a cornfield.

“This other cruiser pulled up and saw that he got out and started running towards the cornfield and that's when they panicked. They didn't even know how he got out of the cop car, they just knew he got out and the chase was on,” said Hiner.

Following a four-hour chase, Roberts ended up at the home of 15-year-old Justin Kugler, who had stayed home from school with an illness.

“I was home sending an email to my teachers about homework when my dogs started barking and I looked out the window but I didn't see anybody there so I went to the top of the stairs with the gun to make sure there wasn't anybody downstairs and then that's when the door opened and I saw him,” Kugler said.

The young man confronted Roberts a forced him to back out of the house, where he was arrested for a second time.

“Guns have always been an important thing in our family and he knew what to do when the problem came up,” Kugler said. “I feel pretty good about it that I could have saved other people's houses and their property.”

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