Monday, March 31, 2014

The NRA sells out conservatives for Cochran

The sun rises, the sun sets, and the NRA endorses another RINO traitor. Thad Cochran is the most recent bureaucratic coward that the NRA is sucking up to, but he will not be the last. I am sick of the NRA selling out conservatives to support these idiots.

The NRA couldn’t care less about whether their politicians are committed to gun rights or any other cause. All they really care about is money. You might remember back in 2010, when they were going to endorse Harry Reid before conservatives flipped out. What had Reid done to deserve their blessing? Secured a $61 million earmark for an NRA shooting range in Nevada.

There is no rational reason why any gun group would endorse Thad Cochran over Chris McDaniel. Cochran doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about guns, but McDaniel has fought for gun rights in Mississippi by writing a State Senate bill to protect Mississippians from a federal gun grab. That is why the National Association of Gun Rights endorsed McDaniel. In their endorsement they said: “Gun owners need a leader that will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure that anti-gun legislation doesn’t even make it to the floor in the first place.” McDaniel would make gun rights a priority, and Cochran would not.

Cochran is the exact type of “Republican” that we need to run out of Washington. His only skill is feeding dollars to his powerful allies. Before earmarks were banned, Cochran led the entire nation in earmark requests. That’s why half the buildings in Mississippi are named after him.

Instead of taking a stand against Cochran’s greed, the NRA is rolling over for him. Cochran’s pork barrel spending is the only thing that the NRA cares about. They sure as hell aren’t supporting him for his record on guns!

NRA members better start holding their leadership accountable for this kind of crap. If they don’t, then they are just sheep like all the other libtards out there.

Friday, March 28, 2014

10 ways to annoy liberals

1. Remind them about Al Gore’s carbon footprint.
2. Remind them that Michael Moore moved his studio to China to avoid using union labor.
3. Remind them that the SEIU ran a union busting campaign against its own employees.
4. Tell them that Palestinians are an invented people created by the left to oppose Jews.
5. Remind them that Republicans ended slavery and gave women the right to vote.
6. Remind them that Barney Frank had a long-term live-in relationship with a male prostitute.
7. Point out that the mistakes that led to 9/11 were Clinton’s fault.
8.  Remind them that Obama claims to be a man of the people, but he has spent more taxpayer money on travel and vacations than any president in history.
9. Remind them that the savages in Occupy Wall Street have gotten arrested 10,000 times, and no one has ever been arrested at a Tea Party Rally.
10. Point out that an anti-gun Democrat politician was recently arrested for gun trafficking.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Obama: Coward abroad, Tyrant at home

Obama a weakling when he is dealing with our enemies, but he is practically Joseph Stalin towards his own people. There is a simple explanation for this — Obama is actively trying to destroy the United States from the Inside. It is the only way to explain his behavior, and it makes perfect sense.

Obama comes from a radical Marxist tradition that blames the “system” for everything bad that exists in the world. For Obama and his comrades, the “system” — by which they really mean the American way of life — is the greatest evil that exists and it must be destroyed at all costs.

That is why he is such a coward with Putin and Iran. He simply doesn’t think that America should be powerful. He thinks that our country is worse than other countries, and that the people of Ukraine and Syria and Israel will be better off without our protection. That is why he backs down all the time.

Even though he is a coward abroad, Obama is a tyrant when it comes to his own people. This is also because he thinks American society is evil and he wants to destroy it. He is taking away our religious freedom, our privacy, and sending taxes through the roof so that he can remake the country in his own image. When he is finished the American way of life won’t exist any more.

Obama also thinks that Americans are too dumb to notice what he is doing. He thinks he can buy people off with health care and bloated pensions and they will just let him destroy everything that makes America great. Maybe that will work for some of the fools in this country, but not me. Now that I have figured out what makes him tick, everything makes a lot more sense.