Monday, June 23, 2014

NC Strikes Down Jim Crow Gun Law

Last week, lawmakers in North Carolina voted to abolish a Jim Crow era gun law that required gun owners in Durham County to register their guns with the county.

Jim Crow gun laws like this one are a reminder of the racist roots of gun control — something liberals and gun grabbers don’t want you know about. Many state and county gun laws that are still in effect today were originally passed to keep guns out of the hands of blacks.

This kept happening long after Jim Crow. In California in the 1960s, the Mulford Act (which was supported by the NRA) was passed out of fear of the Black Panther movement.

In North Carolina, lawmakers voted unanimously to retract the law. Because the law only covered one county, the bill striking it down didn’t require the signature of the governor and went into effect immediately.

The lawmakers in North Carolina did the right thing, but this law is a reminder of how the government uses gun registration to keep weapons away from anyone who might oppose it. Jim Crow gun laws had nothing to do with crime and everything to do with consolidating the government’s power.

The fact that these laws are still in effect in some places is a disgusting reminder of the real motivations behind gun control.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thad Cochran’s Mental Mistakes

Thad Cochran’s mental lapses keep getting more and more serious.

Last week, Cochran told Fox News he had no idea that Eric Cantor lost to Dave Brat in Virginia.

Then, he told reporters in Hattiesburg that he did “all kinds of indecent things with animals” when he was a teenager. His campaign handlers claimed he was “just joking”.

A few weeks ago, he gave a long interview to a reporter and then re-introduced himself to her thirty minutes later — having totally forgotten who she was.

This man is not fit for office. At this point he is basically just a prop being wheeled around Mississippi by his big money backers and the RNC.

The newest polls show that Mississippians are finally catching on. Thank goodness. It’s time for some fresh blood!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

“Coveted Endorsements” Bring Down Eric Cantor

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s decisive defeat in yesterday’s primary says a lot about the shrinking relevance of so-called “coveted endorsements” from insider Republican groups.

Cantor had support from all of the usual RINO suspects: the Chamber of Commerce, the NRA, the National Association of Realtors, and others. Yet instead of helping him, all these endorsements did was make him look like an out of touch insider and a pawn of lobbyists.

Endorsements actually played a bigger role in this race than most people realize.

Outspent nearly 26 to 1, Dave Brat relied on endorsements from Tea Party groups and conservative media figures to raise his profile and propel him to victory.

Support from no-compromise gun groups like Gun Owners for America and National Association for Gun Rights helped him emphasize Cantor’s flip-flopping on gun control issues like background checks.

Backing from conservative media figures like Laura Ingraham, Eric Erickson, and Ann Coulter raised his profile and gave him credibility.

These scraped-together endorsements gave Brat a huge boost, but Cantor’s highly touted endorsements actually ended up hurting him.

Brat attacked Cantor for his ties to big groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, portraying him as arrogant and out of touch.

Cantor thought that his Washington connections would keep him safe. Instead, they proved to be his downfall.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Insider Groups Double Down On Thad Cochran

Now that polls are showing Chris McDaniel leading Thad Cochran, will Cochran’s establishment backers finally admit defeat?

Absolutely not.

While Cochran himself seems to have checked out of the race long ago — refusing to debate McDaniel and actually running away from interviewers — the moderate groups who support him have no intention of letting McDaniel win.

Instead, corrupt insiders are pouring even more money into Mississippi to convince casual voters and Democrats to turn out for Cochran on June 24.

Several organizations have already said that they will continue funding Cochran’s campaign.

Last week, the anti-Tea Party U.S. Chamber of Commerce vowed to continue supporting Cochran through the runoff.

Yesterday, Cochran’s supporters in the RINO-backing National Association of Realtors announced a plan to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of pro-Cochran TV ads.

Other establishment groups like the NRA — who support Cochran despite the fact that other major gun groups support McDaniel — will undoubtedly continue to campaign for Cochran over the next two weeks.

These groups will do anything in their power to keep Cochran in office and to oppose change.

Mississippians can’t let them get away with it.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

For The NRA, Looks Are More Important Than Laws

Apparently the NRA cares more about protecting its image and sucking up to its sponsors than it does about standing up for God – given gun rights.

That’s why they’ve been smearing open carriers recently — calling them  “scary” and “downright weird” — while ignoring the successes that open carry demonstrators have had in supporting better gun laws in Texas.

The NRA cares more about how open carriers are portrayed in the liberal media than they do about whether or not their demonstrations are working.

The fact is that open carry demonstrations in Texas have been very successful in their effort to legalize the open carry of handguns. Thanks to these protests, both candidates for Governor in Texas pledged support for the legalization of handgun open carry.

Nowhere in the NRA’s statement — or in Chris Cox’s apology — does it say anything about that. Instead, the statement focuses all on how open carriers look and how they have “bad manners.”

The statement doesn’t even mention the handgun open carry law at all, completely ignoring the fact that the main goal of Texan open carriers is to draw attention to the handgun open carry issue in Texas.

Now Chris Cox is claiming that the NRA has been “working for years” on legalizing handgun open carry in Texas. This could not be further from the truth.

The main thing that the NRA has been “working for years” on is making itself look good.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kick Out Cochran!

Today is the day.

Stop the corruption.

End the betrayals.

Bring back leadership.

Be a patriot and do your part!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thad Cochran’s Unanswered Questions

If Thad Cochran wins tomorrow, all of the questions that he has avoided during the primary will continue to fester in the general election. And when the answers finally do come out, Travis Childers and the Democrats will reap the rewards.

Does Cochran actually own a home in Mississippi?

Who paid for the building in Washington where he “rents an apartment”?

Why has Kay Webber, his executive assistant, hosted Democratic fundraisers in the same building where Cochran lives?

Why did he bring Kay Webber on 33 taxpayer-funded trips around the world?

These issues aren’t going to disappear if Cochran somehow beats McDaniel tomorrow. At some point, more people are going to wonder why Cochran has been so secretive and defensive throughout the election.

First, he refused to debate Chris McDaniel, claiming that McDaniel “is trying to make me look bad.” Then, he refused to sit down with the largest newspaper in Mississippi.

Now, he is literally fleeing from reporters. Last week, Cochran was caught on camera switching vehicles and ducking through a building just to avoid answering a few questions.

Cochran can’t run away forever. When he finally confesses to whatever it is he is hiding, it might be too late for Republicans.