Tuesday, April 29, 2014

STSA: "Brewer Vetoes Two Gun Bills"

Originally posted: April 22, 2014 by Gregory Smith

"It’s time to lower Brewer’s A+ NRA-rating, because these vetoes are a betrayal of our values.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed two major pro-gun bills that would have allowed concealed-carry permit holders to take their guns into government buildings and would have punished cities and towns that enact gun ordinances stricter than the state’s own laws.

Brewer vetoed Republican House bills 2339 and 2517 on Tuesday.

House Bill 2339 would allow gun owners with concealed-carry permits to bring weapons into government buildings unless security measures — including armed guards, metal detectors and gun lockers — are in place. The measure by Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson excludes public K-12 schools, community colleges and universities.

House Bill 2517 by Rep. Steve Smith of Maricopa would impose fines on cities, towns and their lawmakers who enforce gun ordinances more strictly than the state’s own laws.
Source: https://news.azpm.org/p/local-news/2014/4/22/33478-brewer-vetoes-gun-bills/

What’s the point of having Republican-majorities in Arizona if the governor doesn’t have the guts to sign the legislation? Where’s the Jan Brewer that stood against Obama? That took heat for her positions against illegal aliens? Has she become an establishment Republican? Does she have presidential aspirations?

Because let me tell you, Chris Christie is pretty much finished, and so is Jan Brewer if she continues to betray the 2nd Amendment."

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Real Message of Thad Cochran's Katrina Ad

Cochran and his big money donors have been running an attack ad hitting Chris McDaniels on his comments about Hurricane Katrina. Cochran also has a video on his website about Katrina. DO NOT BE FOOLED — these videos have nothing to do with the hurricane, and everything to do with defending Cochran’s government spending. Cochran is only bringing up Katrina to remind Mississippians how much we love his earmarks.

In the Katrina ad, Cochran talks about how McDaniels “won’t do anything” for Mississippi. This ad is not about Katrina. It is about pork.

Cochran is wrong if he thinks that Mississippians are going to put him back in office because he is so good at spending money. Mississippi and America have changed since Trent Lott said: “Pork is federal spending north of Memphis.” The country has gotten deeper into debt, and Mississippians have gotten a lot smarter about government spending. We’ve wised up to the dangers of spending like there is no tomorrow — something Cochran knows a little bit about.

Cochran seems to think that Mississippians are too stupid to realize that funding pork for Mississippi is just as bad for America as funding pork for any other state. He thinks we are too dumb to know that the federal deficit goes up no matter where the money goes. Usually, politicians don’t get anywhere by insulting their voters intelligence.

Guns Everywhere? Not Really

The morons from CNN and MSNBC are calling the bill that Georgia passed yesterday the “guns everywhere” bill. That is a bald faced lie. This law doesn’t change all that much in Georgia. It is still illegal to carry firearms on college campuses, in secured government buildings, and in church (unless you get permission from your pastor.)

The bill is not a cure-all for gun control. It is a compromise.

A bunch of Democrats, including Jimmy Carter’s grandson Jason Carter, voted for the bill. Carter said he “helped make the bill better than it was when it first started.” Even Governor Deal admitted that the bill was a compromise: “The main story that should come out of it is the final product is significantly different from earlier versions. And some of the more [pause] interesting parts were removed.”

One of the “interesting parts” that Governor Deal is talking about would have made it legal for law-abiding Georgians to carry guns in secured government spaces. That measure was in the original bill, but politicians backed down. That just goes to show what Georgia politicians really think about guns. If they don’t want people carrying guns around them, they must not truly believe law-abiding gun owners make the world safer. Politicians always say they support gun rights when it gets them votes, but they don’t put their money where their mouth is.

And these are the same politicians who the liberal media are calling gun nuts and “extremists.” Leave it to the liberal media to portray a moderate, bi-partisan bill as an act of domestic terrorism.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let Them Fight

This article basically confirms what every veteran that I have ever talked to tells me. They go to war to fight terrorists and they end up having to follow rules of engagement that protect the terrorists and put American soldiers at risk. And then the Democrats try to cut the pensions of veterans, even though they blow our money on everything else. Our government is disgusting.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bloomberg’s NRA attack group

Let Mike Bloomberg and the NRA have each other. If the NRA goes, it will leave an opening for true conservative gun groups that don’t support RINOs and Democrats. If Bloomberg thinks that taking out the NRA will make gun owners go quiet, he is sorely mistaken.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Federal government buzzing with police state activity

The march of federal tyranny continues unabated. Check out the evidence from this week alone.

-President Obama has confiscated every single Apache helicopter from the National Guard and given them to the military. This would severely weaken states’ abilities to defend themselves from the federal government.

-Add the Postal Service to the list of seemingly harmless federal agencies that are buying up huge quantities of anti-personnel ammo.

-Here in Mississippi, DHS stooge Thad Cochran just earmarked a $500 million “cutter” for the Coast Guard. I thought that battleships were meant for the Navy, not for paramilitary law enforcement.

-The “cattle battle” in Nevada is nothing less than federal overreach on law abiding Americans. Now it looks like Harry Reid might have been involved in the case. It turns out his former Deputy just got a powerful job at the Nevada Bureau of Land Management — consider me shocked!

Monday, April 7, 2014

UFO? Government drone?

You might have heard about this “UFO” they spotted down in Jackson County. A couple was looking at footage from their trail cam when they saw some lights hovering in the air and flying around. The trail was all lit up with a floodlight, but there weren’t any lights on the camera or anything. People are saying that it might be an alien spacecraft or some such nonsense.

I admit that lights are pretty strange, but I think you have to be logical about this kind of thing. It’s a lot more likely that it isn’t a UFO, but a government drone.

The government has drones flying all over the world these days, and there are a bunch of military bases down in those parts. Doesn’t it make sense that they were flying some of their equipment around out in the woods for training?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any video of this object, but if there is video I bet you could see the “UFO” hovering around just like drones do. Even the guy who took the video thinks it is a drone.

The news segment I saw just had still photos, but it still worth checking out.