Friday, July 25, 2014

Border Protection Officer Points Gun At Boy Scout’s Head

With illegal immigrants pouring into the country from Mexico, the Border Patrol is using its full power and authority to…crack down on Boy Scouts on the Canadian border.

A troop of Boy Scouts from Iowa was crossing from Canada to Alaska when a chain of events took place that ended up with a Border Protection officer pointing his gun at one of the Boy Scout’s heads.

It all started when one of the Boy Scouts took a picture of a Border Patrol agent. The agents confiscated the camera, detained the scouts for four hours and searched all of the scouts’ belongings. The agents also threatened to arrest one of the scouts, throw him in jail for ten years and fine him $10,000.

Then, as one of the Scouts was removing luggage from the top of a van, the officer pulled out his weapon.

Scout leader Jim Fox told TV station KCCI: “[The scout] hears a snap of a holster, turns around, and here’s this agent, both hands on a loaded pistol, pointing at the young man’s head.”

The scouts were eventually released, but not until Fox was interrogated as to why the scouts were transporting “excessive amounts of lighters, matches and knives” (hmm…I wonder).

This is a perfect example of how government thugs bully the innocent while ignoring real criminals like the illegal immigrants who are flooding into states like Texas. 

Fox added: “I am outraged by that fact that you have 18 boy scouts that want to come home [getting stopped], yet we have southern borders and border protection but it's like a sieve.”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NRA Backs Anti-Gunner In Georgia

The hypocrites in the NRA are at it again.

First they came out for RINO candidates in Mississippi, Idaho, Kentucky and Virginia. Now they are backing a Republican primary candidate who is openly anti-gun.

Jack Kingston, the NRA-backed candidate in Georgia’s Senate runoff, came out for gun control in 2013 when he said that lawmakers should “put guns on the table, also put video games on the table, put mental health on the table.”

Kingston also told a TV station that gun laws should be dictated not by the Constitution but by academic research. “Let’s let the data lead rather than our political opinions,” he said.

Kingston’s record on non-gun issues isn’t any better. He has been called the “king of earmarks” for creating more earmarks than any other Georgia legislator, he voted to raise the debt ceiling, and he was one of the first Republicans to surrender on Obamacare. 

Yet the NRA has endorsed him and given him an A+ rating.

The NRA’s leaders will do anything to protect GOP establishment – even if it means selling out gun rights, conservatives and their dues-paying members.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gun Makers Fleeing The North

Gun companies are fleeing the Northeast and heading south as fast as possible to avoid anti-gun policies.

PTR Industries is leaving Connecticut and investing $8 million in South Carolina, Remington is moving some production from New York to Alabama, and Sturm Ruger is building a 220,000 square foot facility in North Carolina, its first major expansion in decades.

Beretta is also joining the trend, announcing that it would build a $45 million firearms research facility in Tennessee rather than its home state of Maryland.

Gun makers know when they aren’t wanted.

The vice president of PTR, John McNamara, told Reuters: “When folks in the northeast are approached by states like South Carolina, Texas and Georgia and shown what they can be doing, there’s no competition. Connecticut banned the product we make."

In addition to banning assault rifles, Connecticut governor Dan Malloy also blames the gun industry for nearly every shooting that happens in the United States. He told CNN:

“What this is about is the ability of the gun industry to sell as many guns to as many people as possible — even if they’re deranged, mentally ill, [have] a criminal background, they don’t care. They want to sell guns.”

Funny – when you relentlessly vilify an industry and ban its products, it no longer wants to do business with you!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Idaho Campus Carry Goes Into Effect, With Limitations

Idaho just became the seventh state to allow concealed carry on college campuses. Gun owners are already taking advantage. Since the law was signed two months ago, the number of Idahoans seeking an “enhanced” gun license that would allow them to carry on campus has gone up by more than 50%.

Unfortunately, that number would be much higher if the law didn’t come with a bunch of unnecessary restrictions.

The first problem is that to get the necessary permit you have to be 21 years old – which leaves out most college students. That sort of defeats the purpose of “campus carry”, doesn’t it?

The second problem is the total cost of getting the permit is more than $200, putting it out of the reach of college kids who are on a tight budget.

Finally, the law still bans guns in dormitories and large arenas. The reason for this isn’t exactly clear — isn’t it just as likely that you would have to defend yourself in a dormitory or at a theater as you would anywhere else?

Also, unless I’m missing something, where are you supposed to store your gun at night if you can’t bring it in the dorm?

Not surprisingly, those restrictions aren’t enough for some lefty college administrators. A few of them are now arming public safety officers in response to the “threat” of concealed carriers.

Apparently they think law abiding gun owners are worse than criminals.