Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Shooting That Campus Carry Could Have Stopped

Murderers don’t tell you when they are going to strike. The only way to stop them is to be ready to fight back.

That’s why allowing college students to exercise their right to bear arms is the best chance for stopping mass murderers like Elliott Rodger, who attacked students at the University of Santa Barbara last weekend. By the time law enforcement responds, it’s always too late.

Yet even “conservative” Republicans are against campus carry. Remember the so-called “guns everywhere” bill in Georgia that the liberal media was panicking about? The Governor of Georgia has stated repeatedly the law won’t allow campus carry. So much for “guns everywhere”.

Liberals and gun grabbers oppose campus carry merely out of paranoia and fear. There is not a single report of campus carry posing a danger to students.

Every time liberals and gun grabbers ban guns on college campuses, they are taking away victim’s best chance at defending themselves. How many more students have to die before they change their mind?

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