Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trump Widens Lead; Channels Tea Party Energy

Real estate mogul Donald Trump continues to take the Republican primaries by storm, with the latest poll showing him earning almost double the support (24%) of second place finisher Jeb Bush (13%).

Trump is even gaining ground in terms of overall favorability rating, with another recent poll showing him tied with Bush and trailing leader Marco Rubio by just two points (54%-52%) in the category.

One expert told Fox News recently Trump is succeeding by channeling the same energy that swept the Tea Party to victory in 2010.

“There’s going to be a candidate who says it’s time for us to change,” said Michael Needham of Heritage Action for America. “For a lot of Americans right now, they feel disconnected from Washington.”

This may be true for all Americans, but it is especially true for conservatives. More than any other candidate, Trump has connected with the millions of conservatives who are sick of being ignored and condescended to by the same old career politicians.

“People are sick of the establishment and hate their party,” Needham said. “And that’s what needs to be addressed. The reason Donald Trump is generating a lot of enthusiasm is that he's ticking off the right people."

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  1. This should be well know by both sides of the political spectrum. Barring a serious dirty tricks campaign to date which he has been able to thwart or killing him, Donald Trump seems destined to be the next President of the United States.