Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dems Double Down On Gun Control After Virginia Shooting

It seems as if any time innocent people lose their lives, it takes Democrats about five minutes to start shamelessly exploiting the tragedy.

Both the White House and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued statements last week calling for increased restrictions on guns, with Clinton saying on Twitter “we cannot wait any longer” to address gun violence.

Of course, neither Clinton nor the White House gave any evidence as to how their gun control policies would actually prevent deadly shootings. Perhaps this is because there is no evidence.

According to Breitbart, the first part of Clinton’s gun control platform is “universal background checks,” which would give the federal government jurisdiction over all firearm transactions.

Despite the vast expansion of federal power, there is little evidence background checks do anything to stop criminals.

A number of notorious murderers – including the shooter in Virginia last week, Aurora shooter James Holmes, and Gabby Giffords’ would be assassin Jared Loughner -- all passed a background checks to get the guns they used to murder innocent people.

The second piece of Clinton’s gun control platform is a so-called “assault weapons ban.” As Breitbart also points out, the category of “assault weapons” is something Democrats invented in the 1990s and only includes a handful of different guns.

Even if you banned every rifle in the country, it would barely have an effect on violence. In 2011, rifle-related deaths represented only “.012 percent of the overall deaths in America.”

None of this is stopping the left from hopping back on the gun control bandwagon. As always, Democrats’ comments on guns are meant to capitalize on a political opportunity rather than provide a realistic solution to gun violence in America.

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  1. The entire progressive anti-gun movement is made up of intellectual whores.
    If they believed so strongly in their mantra, why not do away with their body guards. The answer is simple, No matter the laws passed, criminals won't obey them, and factually from DOJ statistics, as gun sales increase, crimes of violence decrease, but dare we confuse them with facts?