Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Colorado Gun Club Offers Free Concealed Carry Training For Teachers

The Centennial Gun Club in Centennial, Colorado is gearing up for the school year by offering free concealed carry classes to teachers. About forty teachers have already completed the course and dozens more have signed up.

Several of the participants said they were inspired to learn about firearms following recent school shootings.

“While I am a teacher, those kids, those students in my class are my kids, and my first responsibility is to protect them at all costs,” said one teacher, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job.

Since 2012, at least eight states have passed laws allowing armed employees in schools. Last year, Texas passed a law allowing schools to designate workers who are allowed access to guns on campus.

In Colorado, the state allows school districts decide whether or not to allow teachers to carry in the classroom. Earlier this year, the Colorado legislature defeated an effort to legalize the practice everywhere in the state — despite polls showing popular support for the measure.

“People are a little crazy. They choose gun free zones”, said Paul Stanley, the operations manager of the Centennial Gun Club. “We want to make sure teachers at least have an opportunity to become familiarized, face some fears and become comfortable with handguns.”

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