Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Are Republican Leaders Letting Obama Advance His Gun Control Agenda?

Republican leaders in Washington are working furiously to pass a massive free trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership, some time this month. In their desperation to get the deal done, they are giving President Obama an opportunity to advance the worst parts of his agenda – including gun control.

The trade agreement, negotiated in secret by Republican leaders and the President, would give Obama so-called “fast track authority” to ratify the agreement without permission from Congress.

This would give Obama the power to insert any restrictions he wants into the trade agreement -- including ones that infringe on the rights of American citizens -- without a majority vote from the Senate.

Some conservatives are already wondering whether Obama might use this power to add language to the bill aimed at bringing foreign workers into the United States. Senator Jeff Sessions said Sunday there are “numerous ways” the deal “could facilitate immigration increases above current law – and precious few ways anyone in Congress could stop its happening.”

But Obama could just as easily use this authority to sneak a gun ban into the bill. It wouldn’t be the first time he tried to use treaty power to impose gun control, having tried (and failed) to pass the UN Arms Trade Treaty last year.

What makes you think he won’t be tempted to do it again?

If and when Obama uses “fast track” to push his anti-gun agenda, Republican leaders will have no one to blame but themselves.

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