Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why Does The NRA Still Support NICS?

The NRA recently re-stated its longstanding support for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a program that was originally mandated by the Brady Bill in 1993.

In a statement directed at the North Carolina Sherriff Association last week, the NRA said:

“[North Carolina’s] antiquated and inefficient system has been in place for nearly a century and was enacted long before the age of computers and computerized records. Unfortunately, the [North Carolina Sherriff’s Association] has determined it would like to continue to use discretion to deny permits to purchase handguns, rather than simply use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) utilized by the majority of other states.”

The NRA has publicly supported NICS for years, arguing it should be “improved” and  “limited” rather than completely eradicated.

The reasons for this are almost certainly political. As The Truth About Guns pointed out recently, the NRA would take a serious hit with lawmakers and the public if it came out against any and all criminal background checks.

But this “compromise” approach gives the enemy a permanent foundation to expand gun control.

Just yesterday, New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney introduced a bill that would require anyone buying or selling firearms to undergo a NICS background check, and further require that every gun transfer be reported to the United States Attorney General.

Maloney’s bill has no chance of passing, but it won’t be the last. For as long as NICS is around, the anti-gun crowd will keep using it as a foundation for laws that limit our rights.

By continuing to publicly support an unconstitutional system, the NRA is playing with fire.


  1. I think you could make an argument that background checks for commercial sales is in the Overton window at this point, having been the norm for many years, and anyone who actively opposes the idea is going to be labeled as on the extreme side of the argument. The NRA has been effective because they have millions of members and they have millions of members because they are seen as a reasonable voice. Doesn't mean that they don't get it wrong sometimes, but I don't see that arguing against background checks is going to win over most of the general public.

    I'd say that having an instant check system, given the political reality that we are going to have a check, is better than the alternative, which is someone's opinion of whether we should be allowed.

    Meanwhile, we can start to educate people.

  2. Please tell me what, exactly, they have been "extremely successful at" besides fundraising? Because back-room deals to protect 'hunting rifles' while selling us out on handguns and standard capacity magazines doesn't qualify as success, to me.
    I fired the NRA 5 years ago, and haven't questioned the decission even once in that time. As far as I can tell, the NRA is as DOA as the Republican party. both sold their souls to the ghoul of Social Marxism 30+ years ago...